Watch the "warning signs!"

While visiting the beautiful "True Blue/Caledonia" golf courses in the southern strand of South Carolina, we came upon an alligator, sunning himself! If you notice in the picture, he most arrogantly positioned himself right next to the sign, "Don't feed the alligators." With homes surrounding the area, and garages not too far off (filled with Little Tykes bicycles and toys), it would be a real temptation (you'd think) for these alligators to navigate the area. We are told that they pretty much stay near the water, as long as there is no real reason to make the trek towards the human side. I'm assuming that since there are such signs posted, that there have been incidents where people have (stupidly) fed the alligators - probably a day old Chic-Fil-A sandwich thrown from the car or something! I found it kind of funny though - here is this alligator, parked in neutral right by the sign, as if to say, "Go ahead - make my day! Let's see what you're made of!" How many times have I deliberately "tested" God, parking myself in a no-win situation, hoping (just this once) that He would bend the rules a bit, and let me have my way? "Maybe God won't pay any attention to the sign, and just feed me anyway!" Well, we all know there's no real passion or victory in being spoon fed, and especially no long-term residual of growth, if you're constantly in the waiting game. It's so much more rewarding to just go out there and get truth for yourself, and refuse the junk that is sometimes thrown at you!

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