Medinah Temple, Chicago!

My friend Dawn and I walked the streets of Chicago recently - and she purposely took me to the location of the new Bloomingdales. Now this new Bloomingdales was once the Medinah Temple, a wonderful theatre where I performed with the Sammy Hall Singers way back in 1974. The whirlwind of emotions hit me, as soon as I made the turn to see the building. The outside was the same, but the inside has been drastically remodeled. In the '70s, this location was used for many of the Orrell concerts. What an amazing journey for this south Jersey kid (at 18) to experience the wave of gospel concerts back then - and actually being the featured artist! There was nobody bigger back then, than the Sammy Hall Singers. We shared the stage with the Downings, the Speers, the Blackwood Brothers, and the Goodmans. Crazy.

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