St. Mary of Providence Retreat

I loved speaking and singing for the UMC women of South Jersey at the beautiful estate, St. Mary of Providence Center in Elverson, PA. I was raised Protestant and love my roots, but I have such respect and wonder for the sacred space that our Catholic sisters create. A 19th century mansion, adorned with the majesty of marble and glorious architecture - but really made "real" by the wonderful sisters who run the place! THEN - enter the UMC "sisters"! What a grand time we had. I want to go back.

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Anonymous said...

I love going to St Mary's. We have been going there for retreat for nine years. The Father has worked in my life in so many ways through the retreats. The first year I was afraid before I went. I knew that things would be uncovered in such a spiritually intimate setting. And they were but at the very gentle pace of my Father's love. Now when I think of going on retreat to St. Mary's I get a little shiver of excitement for what is about to happen.
Thank you, Sue, for being there with us. Thank you for bringing a message of holiness. I am at such a transition place in my life and wrestling with it. Being reminded of was a good reminder of who and what is my foundation as I have been drifting dangerously in the sea of life.

"A holy life is a voice, it speaks when the tongue is silent, and is either a constant attraction or a perpetual reproof." -Robert Leighton

His mercy and grace keep you,

PS I love the links on your site.