I'm Your Vehicle, Baby!

Laugh Lines!
March 29, 2010/Volume 5, Number 5

I’m Your Vehicle, Baby!

By Sue Duffield

On my way home from doing errands one day, I called my husband at home to remind
him not to leave until I pulled in the driveway. He had somewhere to go, and on previous occasions when I was out and about, he would leave just moments before my expected arrival time. But this time I strongly suggested, “Please don’t leave until you see me pull into the driveway.” I didn’t want the kids to be left alone.

As I was sitting at the traffic light a few miles from our home, waiting for the light to turn green, a blue Dodge conversion van zoomed past me. I was in shock. I shouted right out loud, “Did I not just talk to the man? Did I not just say to him, ‘Do not leave until you see me pull into the driveway?’” Exasperated, I impatiently waited until the light turned green and I did what every normal, hot-blooded Christian woman would do: I put the pedal to the metal and chased him! Forget about the kids at home alone, I had a point to prove!

My eagle eyes had the van in sight, and I was about a half mile behind him. I was racing back and forth from cruising lane to passing lane, charging by cars right and left. The whole time, I muttered to myself, I can’t believe he left those kids at home alone! I was closing in on him, about an eighth of a mile away, then a few hundred feet—then right on his bumper! That’s when I realized, with not a little embarrassment, that I was driving our van that day!

Matthew 24:4 says, “And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you” (KJV). Yes, I was deceived that day for sure! It’s wise to remember what vehicle you’re driving, before making any foolish moves or accusations! That poor guy in the other blue Dodge conversion van probably thought I was crazy!

Tips to Remember Before Jumping to Conclusions

1. Sometimes it is easy for tempers to flare in traffic. When something happens that catches you off guard, take a deep breath and collect your thoughts. Remember you are God’s child and want to be a good witness, even on the road.
2. Take 1 Corinthians 13 to heart, and remember that love:
* Is not arrogant or rude.
* Does not insist on its own way.
* Is not irritable or resentful.
3. Remember that love also believes the best about others. Don’t assume if someone makes you upset that they deliberately set out to do so.

Sue Duffield is a heart-warming and honest storyteller, singer/songwriter and free-lance writer who travels extensively sharing her faith, music, and comic relief. She and her husband of 35 years, Jeff, travel in and out of the country doing retreats, conferences and special events. Visit her Web site at www.sueduffield.com.

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