The Broken Piano Speaks

Oh, the symphonies, the melodies, the joyful stanzas of creative euphonious harmonies! Don't you hear them? Can't you just feel the rhythmic sweet-sounding tunes rising up like a Sunday morning in your soul?

Sometimes I can. Not today though..

Alas! The serious Psalm-writer knows: It doesn't come easy. The lament beats louder in your head as it always does, like an abandoned building with a broken down piano. The cacophonous quiet is eerily deafening.

Once what was orchestral and agreeable becomes dissonant and unmusical.

I'd like to sit at your bench, but it's in pieces on the floor. 
I'd like to play your keyboard, but there's no ivory anymore. 
The strings are stripped 
and stretched beyond repair
Where once I wrote a symphony
My heartstrings write despair...

(The Psalm-writer nudges) 
"Sit right down, my sister. 
Sit down with Me on the floor. 
I was stripped and stretched beyond repair
For you - many years before.
Quit searching for a sonnet, or a chorus of release
Be the voice of one awakened to
The joy of the Master-peace."

©2012 Sue Duffield/DuffieldMusicGroup

Where is the discord in your life today? Who is it you're listening to? Who are you writing for? What has silenced you?


Linda Lou said...

The discord in our life comes from the misunderstandings that occur between family and friends. Alot of times this is caused by a lack of communication. Our lives become so overwhelmed with the daily stress of maintaining a home, keeping your head above water, raising a family, caring for the sick, volunteering to help others, stocking the pantry, etc., etc, that we forget to breathe. We forget to take the time to care for ourselves, to enrich our minds, our souls and we forget to converse. Monotony sets in. We awake with the sun, put one foot in front of the other, prepare the food, wash the dishes, do the laundry, clean the house, and go to bed long after we should. Our days turn into weeks, turning into months and then into years. We fail to communicate our feelings to those we love. We fail to listen to the teachings of the Lord. We regret things, we forget things, we...

Sue Duffield said...

This is very good, Linda. It's a very easy thing to do - to let the life we so desire, pass us by. That's why it's imperative to live each day, without reservation. And maybe not take more than that at this time. Simple things, like examining the sunrise or the sunset, or simply smelling the flowers - and even dancing or singing while doing the dishes, makes a huge difference. You can't give more than you receive. It eventually catches up with you. I know this to be true. Read more. Hold hands more. Smile at babies - even the ones you don't know - more. And especailly - pray more. And not for yourself, but for the ones around you. As invisible as you might seem, God sees you and your presence. He knows you by name.