(Drawing 2 Conclusions) "What's a Metroid?"

  • It you take ten birds, put them in a box and add six marshmallows, how many hats are blue?
  • What's the difference between dark soil and a smooth magnet?
  • Does toilet paper and bottled water bring a man to tears?
  • How many dogs does it take to fill the distance between two business cards?

These questions, as ridiculous as they sound, are a fun poke at how the disconnect between two people can surmount. Sometimes we're asking the wrong questions. 
I learned this from my kids. Children, no matter how old they become, can teach you a lot about how you frame your questions in conversation... or even how you draw, for that matter...

Annie and I have been playing this crazy iPhone App game called DrawSomething. It's a modernized re-mix of an Etch-A-Sketch, somewhat. The other day I drew a man with a red helmet, hoping that Annie would guess that it was the character from Metroid

OK. "What is Metroid?", I said to myself first. {Oh, that's right - with a press of a finger, I can find out what a Metroid is on Google!} Google told me it's a series of science fiction action-adventure video games by Nintendo. 

I'm a very cool mom. "Annie will surely know this...", I said to myself.

Bamp. Wrong. First (1) of all, my drawing was gravely marginal to say the least. Plus I thought for sure she would guess it since DrawSomething gives all the letters, and extra ones you don't need, as you see above. Right? Nope. And secondly (2) the best part was I didn't even remember what the heck I drew!

Here's our texts, to make it even MORE funny:

It's nice to know that the humor bone has been passed down to my offspring. She makes me laugh.
I am proud. I will continue to draw and be really bad at it. And Annie will keep me in line.
That seems to be her job. :)


Pam said...

OMIGOSH!!!!! You two are hilarious!!!! My daughter was JUST talking about this Draw Something thingie over the weekend, she played it with her friend Deb when the had their recent sleepover.

I have NO idea what Metroid is, and I have NO idea, since I am uber low tech, how you were able to post your iPhone conversations here, but I'm so glad you were able to because I am ROFL over this.

Thanks for always bringing joy and laughter into my life, Sue. Thank that beautiful daughter of yours, too!!!



Sue Duffield said...

Hey Pam!!! Yes, and it's just as it should be! A typical dialogue between Annie and me! Glad it brought you joy today. Get with it - get on DrawSomething! And invite me!