Find My God

I fly a lot. It’s not quite the luxury life that some think. Flying isn’t like it used to be. Getting to airports at least an hour and a half before flight departure, usually means (if it’s an early flight), I have to get this body out of bed by about 3:30am. 

This isn’t a complaint. It’s just a reminder that the older I become, the more difficult it is to keep track of my stuff. And it appears my “stuff” gets squandered away or lost when I’m operating in a lack of sleep mode or when I’m exhausted.

Yesterday, I left my prized personal journal and new iPad2 in the plane’s "in front of me" seat pocket. Do not EVER put anything in those pockets. They are like the Bermuda Triangle. I actually talked to a Southwest Lost & Found agent today and she said, “Yes ma’am, I tell passengers all the time - Do NOT put anything of value or personal items in that front seat pocket. You will surely leave it there.”

I appreciate that counsel AFTER I left my stuff there.... As of this moment, I’m recalling all the items I have left over the years in those blasted pockets. They are diverse. They are many.

  1. half eaten peanuts, apple core
  2. lipsticks, ear rings, a watch
  3. tissues, unused and used.. “ick.”
  4. Autographed copy of “Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd (that one killed me)
  5. iPod headphones, cords, USB cable
  6. Newly purchased magazines, bought prior to departure
  7. boarding passes, rental car receipts, pens
  8. purse (ugh), neck pillow
  9. bottles of water
  10. Bible

...and the list goes on.

Getting a call from the Southwest agent last night in Minneapolis, was a saving grace for me. They FOUND my journal! It was on a flight from Phoenix to MSP. Crazy. This is a wonderful thing. I did a dance! There are writings in my journal that can NEVER be duplicated or replicated through the modern technology retrieval system. No iCloud, cloud nine, iStink or atmospheric data base could bring back what I wrote with a pen on a piece of paper. 
*Praise BE! (*I’m poking fun at Hollywood when they try to depict a “real life” pentecostal expression in a fabricated church scene.)

But still floating around in outer space, cyberspace or someone’s briefcase (arrggh), is my iPad 2. I want it back in MY space! I’m just praying that it will be found chop-chop, pronto, lickety-split but in good condition.

My verse of recovery today is:
2 Corinthians 4:17
“For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.”

PS No, I wasn’t smart enough to activate my “Find My iPad”. Ugh. But I surely have been thankful that at any time, any place, any where - I can access the throne room of God. It’s like a permanent feature, “Find My God”. When I search this feature, I pray that it always leads me to my heart. Because that is where I want my God to be.

For a real laugh, check out “Weirdest Things Found in an Airplane Seat Pocket”...


Melissa Bunch said...

Sue, did you try the Find my iPad feature? Maybe Jeff could help you with that?

Surely you remember Jeff and Shannon discussing the Idaho chaos with Shannon's wallet being left in the pocket bermuda triangle- LOL. Maybe it's a singer's destiny to leave things in airplane pockets. Just sayin.

Sue Duffield said...

No, the iPad feature wasn't activated. Ugh. My fault. That's what's making me crazy!!!! And yes, I remember the fiasco with Shannon's wallet last year!.. Oh my, we are an A.D.D. pair!

Sandra Heska King said...

What good if find my iPad if you are not within hearing distance?

I hope it turns up soon, friend. Makes me feel like I need to use one of those barf bags? BTW, I haven't seen any of those lately...