Worthy Or Not??

I'm not worthy to have had my iPad returned.
I'm not worthy to have had my journal recovered.
I'm not worthy of being treated like royalty at these women's events.
I'm not worthy of all the amazing friends and family I have.
I'm not worthy of the Savior who keeps restoring and mending me.
I'm not worthy of a Software Update.
I'm not worthy of the smiles I create or the smiles shining right back to me.
I'm not worthy of this lifestyle or benefits thereof.
I'm not worthy to have a warm shower, bed or clean clothes.
I'm not worthy to be a continual carrier of the Holy Spirit, no matter where I go.
I'm not worthy.
I am not. 

God is not nearly as concerned with my comforts, answers to prayer, petitions, pleas, luxuries, pleasures, bookings or how many CDs I sell. He is more concerned about my ragged humbleness and unworthiness. It appears, the more I climb this age-stage, I am not worthy. I am, instead, grateful. Very grateful.

Grateful. A word that signifies more than just attitude. It's a way of living. It's a living a way.

It is with this attitude that more and more responsible acts and doors of ministry open wide. I'm not worthy. I am grateful.

I will teach and mentor (one day soon) every artist - every minister - every musician - who thinks they are worthy of such things... You are not. Run very far from that entitlement attitude of comfort. Run.

Be grateful. Be VERY grateful. You are not worthy. You must become grateful, in order to be promoted to whatever tier is next.

I am grateful.

HE is "I Am."


Deanna Shrodes said...

So true!

Sharon B said...

Yes...He alone is worthy to receive glory. I am not. Nor am I to try and "take" His glory.

((sigh)) It's His word to me today....