137. The Truth Will Make You Mad

How dare Sue Duffield suggest that someone should not speak “their truth!” But what if this is “her truth?” Shouldn’t she be free and able to speak “her own truth?” Your truth (and her truth) may not the be the actual truth, and that is not just her truth, but the truth. How confusing…truthfully. LOL.

Episode 137 dares to challenge situational ethics. What does the truth do to people? Is it motivating to hear the truth, or is it something that makes you mad? And why does it seem that absolutes have disappeared and evaporated into thin air? And why can't we talk to each other anymore without getting hot under the collar?

The pun and truth of those questions stir up the realities of Sue's childhood, recalling her grandmother saying, “Well, If everybody jumps off the Walt Whitman Bridge, does that mean you will too?” (That was usually in response to Sue asking or wanting to conform to her friends’ desires or wants.) Or, the truth of this saying, “Go ahead, play out in the street in traffic. Your truth will be - you’ll get hit by a car!”

Desiring biblical truth and living by the gospel of truth, is liberating. And if it makes you mad, there's a good chance truth has hit your last nerve of denial. There's an infinitum of scripture in this episode. It's so much better sharing the truth of God's Word, than opinion.


Check out this episode!

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