150. Josh Singletary

An "off stage", reflective and honest nterview with no real direction or pre-programmed questions, makes this episode so enjoyable. Host, Sue Duffield, sits in her closet studio outside Nashville, while Josh Singletary opens his mic in his own music room across town - and away they go, with barely an edit! Very funny. Very emotional. And very real..

To those who are new to Josh Singletary, here's what you didn't know you needed to know: He's the red-headed, bow-tie wearin' baritone singer with Southern Gospel Music's Award-winning Tribute Quartet; a piano player extraordinaire; a lover of great classic comedians like Red Skelton; a stage presence so inclusive, you'll feel like he's been your best friend for years; a truly amazing communicator and producer; and a comedic talent with a vulnerable approach so deep, he probably doesn't even know how good he is. 

To quote John C. Maxwell, "Everyone communicates but few connect", Josh Singletary has masted the art of connection with his love for Jesus and his music, and it's just plain fun to see how he weaves it all together.




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