175. How's Your Balance?

Jeff & Sue Duffield are as unpredictably predictable in just about everything they are and everything they do! This episode starts out with the typical banter of two people who do just about everything together, but are as opposite as night and day in so many things. Jeff's production and orchestration opportunities are flourishing and building every day, while Sue has had some down time recently to recharge, reboot and balance out her life a bit..

Balance, in definition, is "an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady..", which is kind of funny when this particular episode starts out with recounting Sue's recent tumble on the pavement at the post office. But when it comes to balance and the walk of life of every Christian, be it like Sue to merge the physical with the spiritual. The four lessons that Jesus taught her during a month-long journey of seeking balance, just might apply to you too.





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