176. Bought With A Much Higher Price

The stakes are high when it comes to travel, safety and putting yourself out there on the road. Sue Duffield, along with her husband Jeff, start off this episode with a little update on the hard price of traveling the highways, the bi-ways and the oh-so-crazy ways of unforseen circumstances. Being t-boned at an intersection not long after falling on the pavement at the post office, put a little apprehension into Sue's style of always being confident and jovial. But yet, somehow she seems to find her "ground" again (in a good way!), and is very thankful that her recent debacles weren't a whole lot worse.

The devotion of "The Price Is Right" follows their dialogue, describing the horrific sex trafficking industry and Sue's personal account of seeing it first hand. Children for sale? Not on her watch. The travesty is that girls and boys are sold and it's becoming worse with every day. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for every soul born into this world, and THAT price - when it comes to being sold - is right. 

Sue ends with her song, "The Price is Right", written in 2011 for ®Duffield Music, BMI (used with permission)

“He has made everything beautiful and appropriate in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11


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