178. Raise Your Standard of Giving

Most will say that when God prospers, it's then you can raise the standard of living. Not so in the Duffield's case. Raising the standard of "giving" has become the ultimate joy for them and It literally has become a thrill of a journey to be able to bless others as God blesses them. The act of giving triggers a natural release of endorphins in our brains, making us feel happier, called, and more fulfilled. The connection with others that comes from fulfilling a need or blessing someone who isn't expecting it, deepens a sense of unity and compassion within our communities. 

This off-the-cuff episode, fun as it is, is just a simple reminder that God is NOT a respector of persons, nor is He selective in who He positions for favor. The bottom line is obedience, then being ready to receive and ask God for open doors to benefit others. Becoming that funnel and channel of blessing is absolutely fun!



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