179. Carol McLeod: A Voice of Hope

Carol McLeod’s 17th book, "Overflowing: Living Abundantly in a Broken Culture", inspires readers to embrace a life of abundance and joy, regardless of their current circumstances. Filled with biblical wisdom, practical advice, and personal stories, this seven-week study of the book of Colossians helps readers shift their perspectives in order to live a life filled with purpose and joy. According to Carol, “Every generation has been invited to live fully and enthusiastically in Christ, despite the lies and brokenness of their culture.”

This episode takes a divine leap when host Sue Duffield and Carol McLeod get past the potential facade of a scripted-like interview, and move towards a more vulnerable and Holy Spirit-led interaction.

Loving difficult people and loving adult children takes on a whole new meaning when Carol says, "Loving those difficult people should bring out Jesus in us." Carol also shares about her dad and his simple devout faith, teaching her to love the Word of God as a young child. 

But the highlight of this episode happens when Carol tells her story about Corrie ten Boom's coat and the impression it had on her. It is truly an experience that's worth more than gold. Much like putting on the coat of a true heroine of the faith, God's Word can also be like that cloak or covering when going to battle. "You can make it through hard times; even battling infertility, or losing babies, or depression, or cancer and even having hope with prodigal children. The Word of God will fight for you and help you through this battle." - Carol McLeod



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