Celebrity Watch!

Three times now, when I have looked really bad - I run smack dab into someone famous, or at least someone I have had a history with in some way or another! What is the law of averages on that one? Living in Hendersonville and the Nashville area affords great opportunities to "casually" see someone with some sort of notoriety. Most times I don't leave the house without a shower, makeup or at least my hair done. But as you can imagine, I NEVER run into anyone when I look good. Even as I walk by a mirror or glass door and see my reflection in the pane, I say to myself, "Now, you don't look so bad today...what are the chances that you could possibly run into Michael McDonald or someone?? I mean he does frequent the Apple store at Green Hills...". And of course, it doesn't happen. But three times - mark it down - THREE times, I look like a hag; like I just literally got out of bed, put my bum clothes on, stuff my hair in a Phillies hat, no makeup - and BOING! Of course, I'm at the Publix grocery store in Hendersonville and standing next to me "admiring" my Phillies hat is Rich Sterban (Oak Ridge Boys). Lord have mercy. Do I dare say hi? Do I dare say, "Hey-Rich, we go way back to the Camden, NJ days. Knew your sister Sue, from camp. Plus, Jeff has ties with the groups you used to sing with, the Keystones, the Eastmen,,,,etc." Nope. I am silent - cause I look really bad! Then, a few days later I see Joe Bonsall (Oak's again!) at the intersection of Gallatin Pike and Indian Lake Blvd. We have eye contact. That is it, 'cause I look like Phyllis Diller! So, to top it off, we're driving home from DE going thru VA. We stop at a Chick-Fil-A and I (once again) do NOT have my stage face or presence, and I don't even care what I look like. I am tired, beat and worn out - and look like it. As I walk into the restaurant, I hear the distant shrill of a woman saying, "Sue Duffield,,,Sue Duffield...!" I want to keep walking, but of course I stop. I also begin the monologue of the why's and reasons as to my appearance... She didn't care. She was just glad to connect, because we met at a women's retreat in Ohio last year and had an incredible time. Suddenly I didn't care how I looked either. Actually, if the truth be known, it probably was the greatest evangelistic tool for that moment - the bare face gospel. The feeling that it's not really necessary to have Armani suits, Chico's attire, or matching Coach bags and shoes - or even Borghese makeup - to impress. (Not that I have any of those things!!) I was true "Dollar General" that day, and not at all worried about it - when we started sharing our hearts and reminiscing. We experienced a true "Celebrity Watch" and it was the Holy Spirit. Be on the watch for Him. He's everywhere and especially when we think we don't look so great.

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